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Industrial Waste

Globalisation, growing consumer demand, technological advancement and the discovery of new resources has spurred industrial activity across MNC and FMCG value-chains. Industrial value-chains generate a variety of solid, liquid, bio-based or hazardous waste streams, from activities such as raw material extraction, primary and secondary processing, distribution, retail and end-use. All of these waste streams are either landfilled, incinerates or dumped, causing land degradation, air and water pollution and health risks. MNC and FMCG organisations are under pressure to reduce emissions across their value-chains towards hitting Net-Zero targets. On-site deployment of our ZappWaste units at each touchpoint of industrial value-chains eliminates the need for landfilling and incineration, radically reducing cost and carbon footprint. Carbon-negative energy generated through the zapping process can be channelled to power other industrial processes.

Net-Zero Industrial Value-Chains

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