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Medical Waste

Hospitals and clinics generate an ever-increasing amount of waste, 15% of which is considered infectious, toxic or radioactive (World Health Organisation, 2020). Medical waste is typically disposed through incineration, releasing hazardous pollutants into the air, causing harm to the environment and human health. Medical Waste management relies on complex transportation and handling, resulting in high costs and carbon footprint. The ZappWaste enables safe and sanitary waste disposal, ensuring the health and safety of operators. Its plug & play features enables deployment on-site at Hospitals and Clinics, or as a centralised solution to treat incoming waste from various healthcare facilities. Carbon-negative energy in the form of steam, heat and electricity can be supplied to the surrounding facility, leading to drastic reductions in energy costs.

Safe & Sanitary Medical Waste Treatment

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Our ongoing Medical Waste programme


Towards a Sustainable Recovery

Perak, Malaysia

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