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Zapp World

Decentralised Decarbonisation


Welcome to Zapp World

A Venture Studio for decentralised decarbonisation technologies -  or what we call, our Zappers.

At Zapp World, we leverage on our expertise in venture building, business strategy and commercialisation to unlock market inertia and effect transformational change at scale. We collaborate with Local Authorities, Quasi-Governmental Stakeholders, Corporations, Academia and Individuals across the globe to conduct feasibility studies, devise rollout strategies and develop local partnerships towards the deployment of our Zappers across industries and communities worldwide.


We take the solution to the problem

Our Zappers are modular, compact and 'plug & play', enabling decentralised treatment at-source. Through this, our solutions are accessible and adaptable to a wide range of settings, enabling us to scale our decarbonisation efforts rapidly and efficiently.

We expedite Net-Zero targets

Our Zappers capture
 CO2, VOCs, and Greenhouse Gases, converting them into usesful byproducts such as road-building materials, as well as hydrocarbon fuel. As we remove more and more pollutants from the atmosphere, our Zappers quickly advance Net-Zero targets.
Abstract Background

Our Zappers

Our Strategy

zapp strategy pic.png
Through our repeatable & scalable solution, we unlock transformational change at scale. We are bringing decentralised decarbonisation to industries and communities worldwide.
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