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MEC ClearWaste technology


The Clean & Green Waste Treating Machine

ZappWaste is a patent-protected, waste-to-energy, ‘plug & play’ and at-source technology that treats waste at no harmful cost to the environment. It does not require fuel and does not release harmful emissions, making it a technological breakthrough ahead of its time.


ZappWaste treats all kinds of low-moisture waste, radically reduces costs & carbon footprint, generates carbon-negative energy and effects carbon-capture to produce valuable products.

How it Works


The ZappWaste’s breakthrough piezo-electret engine magnetically induces Plasma state conditions in the reactor without additional energy.


In Plasma state, rapid complex reactions disintegrate carbonaceous waste into elemental fragments and stable gases in an autothermal equilibrium exothermic process.


Stable gases enter the scrubbers where they are neutralised and purified from odour and colour through particulate capture at submicron level, ensuring that no harmful emissions are released.


Recovered heat energy powers pre and post-treatment equipment requirements, creating a closed-loop environmentally-friendly solution.

Our Range

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ZW Bare

ZW Containerised

ZW Mobile

All kinds of waste, anywhere

The ZappWaste's modular, compact and 'plug & play' features enables it to be placed anywhere. This means waste can be zapped up at-source, saving you tonnes of carbon footprint.

Carbon-Negative Energy

Heat generated from the zapping process can be harnessed to provide stream, heat and electricity to the surrounding facility, enabling drastic reductions in cost and carbon footprint.

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Carbon-Captured Byproducts

The ZappWaste captures carbon and stores ≈ 4% of the carbonaceous input. We upcycle this to ZappG-Fill - a super-tough and sustainable additive made up of graphene-enhanced polymeric fibres asphalt binder designed to provide long-lasting and maintenance-free surfaces.

An inexpensive & sustainable alternative to existing additives, ideal for utilisation across a wide range of road-building and construction applications

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