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Our Portfolio

Dhaka, Bangladesh

We are cleaning up the world’s densest nation: Bangladesh

In collaboration with South Dhaka Municipal Corporation, we set up a Community Disposal Zone in the bustling neighborhood of Zinzira, empowering communities to keep their streets and localities clean. On the heels of a successful pilot, further Community Disposal Zones are being launched across Bangladesh.
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Mumbai, India

We are eliminating landfills with the world’s largest municipal corporation: Mumbai, India.

In collaboration with Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation, we are deploying our units across Material Recovery Facilities to prevent waste from going to landfill. We are empowering efficiency across Mumbai’s MRFs through reduced costs, energy savings, and a sanitary environment that promotes productivity.

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Screenshot 2023-03-29 062124.png
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Chennai, India

We are setting new trends with Asia’s oldest municipal corporation.


In collaboration with Greater Chennai Corporation, we are rolling out our Mobile solution in remote areas, enabling access to waste treatment. Our Mobile solutions are set to clean Chennai’s deep suburbs, whilst serving as a contingency solution for disaster relief and a practical solution for public gatherings.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 050309.png
Mobile CW in Chennai.jpeg

Perak, Malaysia

We responded to the COVID-19 waste crisis to enable a sustainable recovery


In collaboration with Government of Malaysia Ministry of Health, we have deployed our units alongside leading facilities management company, UEM Edgenta to treat medical waste which has spiked as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ZappWaste has reduced risks of secondary transmission associated with complex handling and logistics, whilst enabling drastic reductions in the overall cost and carbon footprint of medical waste management.

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